Ilya Ibryaev

Ilya Ibryaev, is a magnificent Russian watercolor artist and famous worldwide as a master of sunlight and fog.  Born in 1955 in Nizhny Novgorod, lives in Moscow.

​Ilya Ibryaev participated in a numerous international aquarelle festivals, held many solo and a member of many group exhibitions. He gives workshops around the world.  His art works are in museums in Russia and in a number of private collections abroad.  Ilya Ibryaev, is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and a member of the International Association of Watercolor Artist, he also represents IWS (International Watercolor Society) in Russia.


The watercolors of Ilya Ibryaev shock the originality of perception, the charm of his talent.  “Working in watercolors for me allows my soul to a take flight above the stars. It is as if you are always on the move in search of discovering something new, and this process is endless. It forces the artist always to be in the creative stream, setting himself all new tasks of knowing the beauty of the world and discovering endless unexplored spaces” he says...

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